10/21 Magi Entertainment Etsy site is now live.

10/4 Mizuki Saga will resume between October and December.

9/17 Megami Saga Winter Voting Event is now live.

7/29 Megami Saga Summer Event Begins

7/8 Second Megami Saga Voting is now live.

4/3 Patreon site will be closed until the summer.

4/1 The New Mizuki Saga Series is now Live.

2/13 Megami Saga Monlthy Sales campaign is now up..

1/11 Megami Saga: Resurrection Chapter 1 will be posted every Wednesday night.

12/21 Added SD Wall Graphic Singles to the store page.

12/09 Added Ai Megami to the Character Section.

11/23 Revamped the Store.

11/7-Megami Saga: Resurrection page is up.

11/6-Added the Character's Section

4/25-Updated the Store Section.

3/7-Added Store and Megami Saga Contest.

2/3-Website is under construction