Poll will be open between Feb 21~Mar 10


Update: The results are in and below are the results.

  1. Melwina17- 277 Points
  2. CeryliaRectris -256 Points
  3. Komuri -217 Points
  4. StrawberryCake -210 Points
  5. Dorapz -198 Points
  6. PaintingCinema -177 Points
  7. meloarte90 -165 Points
  8. megamikoyex7 -151 Points

Congrats on everyone who entered and we will notify the winners shortly.

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We'll announce the winner by March 12, 2018


Update: You can still submit your artwork by March 1 however you'll face a 5% score penalty for behind late.


1st prize: $30 USD or a 1/3 Scale Wall Decal

2nd prize: $15 USD or Megami Saga Resurrection: Prologue (Chapters 1~5)

3rd prize: $5 USD or a Chibi Wall Decal


How to enter


  1. Be a watcher/follower on the respective site that you plan to submit your artwork.
  2. Post below or via the main site to confirm which character you plan to use.
  3. Once the artwork is completed please post here or the main site the get credit.



  • Select Reiko, Mitsuko or Ai to use in your artwork.
  • You can only draw each character once.
  • You can get 2 more entries by sharing this contest on at least 2 networks.
  • Artwork is open to all mediums.
  • Use the tag  #megamisaga when posting and tag me on the respective sites.
  • It must be your own work so no tracing or using someone else artwork as your own.
  • Cash prizes will be sent via PayPal while any physical rewards may take up to a month before shipping. 



After February 17 five judges will judge the artwork on the following categories.


  1. Accuracy- Does it look like the character.
  2. Skill/Quality- Overall quality of the artwork
  3. Creativity- How does the piece reflect the character’s personality?
  4. Originality/Style- Does your artwork have a voice or do you just blend in the crowd.
  5. Personal Favorite: The judge’s favorite artworks.

Each judge will pick the top 10 artwork per category to receive points with each judge and category giving a total of 275 points or 1375 points combined.

Once we reach the deadline will launch a poll for a public vote for three weeks.  Only the top 20 entries will get points from a pool of 275 points or 1/6 the total points.


Extended Prizes via the public voting section

Once the public voting begins we'll unlock more prizes for the contest once we cross each milestone.
  1. 250 votes: Chibi Character Raffle Top 10
  2. 500 votes: Chibi Character Raffle Top 5
  3. 1000 votes: 1/3 Wall Decal Raffle Top 3 individual character ranks
  4. 2000 votes: 1/3 Wall Decal Raffle Top 3
  5. 4000 votes: Custom 1/3 Wall Decal Raffle. Top individual character ranks
  6. 10000 votes: Life Size Wall Decal Raffle. Top individual character ranks.



A few examples of the decals can be viewed via our etsy.com store.


If you have any questions just post below.